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World-Powering Waste  -

July 16th, 2009


What a gas!?!  According to Discovery Channel, scientists at Ohio University have developed a technology that uses urine to power cars and provide energy to homes. While the greedy petrol pushing partnerships in the Middle East are pissed, we are looking forward to yelling, “Not in the toilet you moron! That’s perfectly good fuel.”  Will it happen? Not without a fight. The same shadowy figures that killed the electric car are not about to watch some whiz kids piss away billions of revenue generated by oil. Nevertheless, we hope to have our flies down for the next road trip.




Number of houses that can have their water heated daily using the energy from just a single cow’s urine, according to Ohio University Professor Gerardine Botte.  We prefer our water heaters in the basement and a nice steak on our plate.



We piss anywhere man.

Brian Jones, founding member of
The Rolling Stones

Ironically, Jones drowned in his swimming pool that he more than likely pissed in.


noun.     1. Divination by observing urine.

Be nice to the bathroom attendant.  Apparently, he is knowledgeable of the hidden prophecy. More importantly, for a dollar he’ll give you a stick of Juicy Fruit and a complimentary blast of Drakkar.



It’s not just America getting creative with pee. According to Times Online, an enterprising company in India is developing a beverage that mainly consists of cow urine, mixed with a few medicinal and ayurvedic herbs. The company plans to target the soft drink market. Adios Coke and Pepsi! You had a nice run.

The List

The Many Uses of Vitamin P

Reduces the pain of a jellyfish sting. Topical use only.
A flavor additive for cigarettes. Sweet, they kill and taste delicious.
A browning agent for factory made pretzels. What factory and where can we NOT buy a bag?
The key ingredient in a JD Salinger spritzer. Five or six twists please…please.
Re-ignite the playfulness in your lovemaking. Partner recommended for optimal results.
The Bottom Line



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