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April 30th, 2010


In this world of staggering wonder, baffling mysteries abound: Stonehenge, the miracle of birth, and why is Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher? The list goes on.

This month’s Dame We Dig is none other than Mrs. Kutcher herself: Demetria Gene Guynes. Other than having a questionable taste in men, this Twitter-crazy puma is classy, elegant, intelligent, and was polite enough to show off her magnificent fun bags in Striptease. Demi, we know you are reading this, and we want to say, “Thank You!”

A gifted thespian, devoted mother, and famed Vanity Fair cover trickster, Demi, you are one of the coolest women in Hollywood history. Making you, Ashton, one lucky bastard.

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Months that Demi dated Bruce Willis before getting married in Vegas by Little Richard. Also the number of children Demi has by Bruce and the number of times she’s been married.



There's this idea that if you take your clothes off, somehow you must have loose morals. There's still a negative attitude in our society towards women who use a strength that's inherent—their femininity—in any way that might be considered seductive.

Demi Moore


adj.     having or producing hair.

Used in a sentence:  Before she was a global phenomenon, Demi posed in a series of photographs for a European men’s magazine in which she was quite piliferous.

Do your own Google Image search. No, that is not Gene Shalit’s head in Demi’s lap. That, friends, is called “kicking it old school.”



At 18, Demi married Freddy Moore, a rock musician 12 years her senior. Though the marriage didn't last long, it came in handy for Moore's future career. It just so happened that the Moore's lived next door to an actress named Nastassja Kinski, who often imposed upon Moore to help her run lines from her film scripts.  The rest, as they say, is history.


The List

More Moore

Half Light (2005) A best-selling mystery author, Moore’s character moves to a coastal town in Scotland where strange things begin to happen, including the appearance of her dead son.
Flawless (2007) Michael Caine plays a janitor in 1960s London who teams with Moore, a diamond executive who had been denied numerous promotions, to take down a large cache of sparklers.
Happy Tears (2009) With Rip Torn and Parker Posey as co-stars, a yarn about two sisters taking care of their aging father, who may or may not have buried treasure in the backyard.
The Joneses (2009) Demi and David Duchovny are salesmen paid to head up a marketing team that pretends to be a family, using subversive marketing techniques in the suburbs.

More than just fantasy fodder, Demi is hip, sharp, gorgeous and one of a kind. Hollywood and the world needs more women like her.  

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