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December 21st, 2010


There are three things every parent should do: raise your children in a home of love and understanding, teach them respect for themselves and others, and DO NOT F*CK with the Happy Meal.

Monet Parham, a misguided mom from California, is suing McDonald's, claiming the toys in their Happy Meals make her kids want to visit the golden arches, thus making it harder for her to say "no."

To Monet we say, "Congratulations, you have cracked the code of something called advertising. Oh, and you suck as a parent too."

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Of the kids surveyed in Technomic's 2009 "Kids and Moms Consumer Trend Report" chose McDonald's over all other fast food chains as their favorite. No other restaurant even came close, with Subway coming in second with 10%.

Subway? They don't even have a Playland, free video games, or ketchup that tastes like sweet tarts.



My acting career began at age three and my parents got me into it. I was in a McDonald's commercial.

Corey Feldman

You see that, folks? McDonald's isn't bad for kids. Look how awesome Corey Feldman turned out.

Cajita Feliz

noun.     term for a Happy Meal in Puerto Rico. Translated from Spanish, it means "happy little box."

Consequently, the Hamburglar is known as El Douchebag.



The idea of packaging a toy with a kid's meal originated with the now defunct chain Burger Chef in the early1970s. The specially packaged "Funmeal" came with a toy and did early promotional tie-ins with the Batman television series and Star Wars. McDonald's didn't launch the Happy Meal until 1979.


The List

Hatin' on Restaurants

2004 A man sues a Shoney's in West Palm Beach, FL for getting his soup order wrong. He claims the clam chowder he received instead of potato soup caused him "pain and anxiety."
2004 A Chicago man sues White Castle for $50,000 for getting burnt by hot grease after biting into an "unreasonably dangerous and defective" onion ring.
2008 After painfully passing a nine foot tape worm, a man decides to sue Shaw's Crab House in Chicago, IL when his pathologist says the worm came from uncooked fish.
2009 Dude with high blood pressure sues Denny's for over salting his ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.
2010 A man in Miami sues a Houston's restaurant for not giving him proper instructions on how to eat an artichoke.

Taking the simple joy of an occasional Happy Meal away from a kid is a parent's decision. But suing a company because you are a weak willed milquetoast is lamer than limiting the release of the McRib.

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