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June 15th, 2011


Facebook is great for keeping in touch with distant family and friends, sharing pictures, milestones and updates. Discovering the ex-wife of a guy you once played little league with is pissed that the child-support check hasn’t come yet and she has no money for cigarettes… awesome.

For many, Facebook is becoming old, boring, too much to manage. A recent report shows that while Facebook is adding members in other global markets, nearly 6 million Americans and 1.5 million Canadians shut down their Facebook accounts earlier this year.

What a bunch of weirdos! What are they going to do, hang out with real people in person?

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Of 18 to 34 year-olds check Facebook as soon as they wake up.

The other 52% bone.



She can have her couch back when I can return her herpes.

Greatest Facebook status we’ve ever seen from a friend. No, really.


noun.     friends you have added and accumulated over time on your Facebook page that you honestly don’t even know or remember.



The average Facebook user has approximately 130 friends. The FB user with the most friends is international soccer phenom Cristiano Ronaldo with over 29 million so-called “friends."


The List

Why Some Bail FB

Annoying “Susie just sent you a cocktail. Click here to send one back.”
Job Market Many college grads delete their Facebook page as most potential employers don’t dig photo bombs in which a candidate is “hanging brain.”
Boredom You can only check the updated pictures of old girlfriends in swimsuits once before it gets old (unless of course they’ve taken care of themselves).
Safety Many parents are forbidding their children to join Facebook for safety reasons; some are even requesting them to delete current accounts.
Privacy Not everyone feels the need to share or read about the success of one’s recent cleanse diet. “Blockage gone, back to daily regularity.” Congratulations, goofball!

Facebook has revolutionized how people can re-connect, communicate and destroy one another’s feelings by rejecting a friend request.

Whether you’re on Facebook or not, The Social Network is a must-see movie, but then again so is this!

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