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July 8th, 2011


If you’re cool with your 14-year-old firing up a Kent at the dinner table in front of her kids, it's possible you’re a bit rosy around the nape. Belly flopping into a shallow mud pit surrounded by toothless inebriates? Hell, son, you’re an athlete.

While we stroll the stacks of antique bookshops this Saturday searching for a first edition of Hawthorne’s Twice-Told Tales, a group of armpit musicians in Georgia will compete for composition supremacy at the annual Summer Redneck Games in East Dublin, GA.

Why East Dublin? Because the folks in West Dublin lack the sophistication and finesse it takes to bob for pigs' feet.

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Of those surveyed in a national poll by the Pew Research Center said they have no particular reaction to the Confederate flag. Of those that have a reaction, three times as many have a negative reaction as opposed to a positive reaction.



I think (redneck) used to be considered a derogatory term, but not anymore. Now it's considered more of a lifestyle than anything.

Craig Morgan, country musician


noun, verb.     1. as a noun, a highly derogatory term for a mentally disabled person.     2. as a verb in redneck culture, it means to discontinue working.

Used in a sentence: Commute? Hell no! I'm retard.



Every single nickel of profit made from the Redneck Games in East Dublin, GA goes to local charities. It is unknown if any percentage of the money goes to M4 Carbines for Kids.


The List

Theories of Origin

Scottish Presbyterians who signed anti-Anglican proclamations in their own blood wore red scarves to signal their beliefs in the 1700s.
Appalachian coal miners that fought for the right to unionize are said to have worn red neckwear.
Poor white Southerners who got sunburns on their necks working long days in the fields.
This guy.

Having fun in a self-deprecating manner while raising money for charity is a great idea. Congrats to the organizers in East Dublin for creating a day of comical competition in which coolers are encouraged and mud is badge of honor.

Pass on the pigs' feet and dig in to one of these.

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