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July 27th, 2011


If you and a fellow mixologist are arguing over how to whip up the perfect batch of Mojitos at a pool party, do you throw your hands up in the air and bail? Hell no! You compromise on the recipe and mixing method in a timely fashion and keep enjoying the view of the topless babes playing chicken.

While the debt ceiling may not be a drink recipe, or the American economy a pool party, Obama and congress are certainly acting like boobs. 

We’ll leave the more salient points of the debt ceiling stalemate to economists and pundits like Elizabeth Drew, but no matter your political affiliation you have to admit this pissing contest is bullsh*t.  

It not only shows other countries we don’t know the first thing about working together, but it proves to the American people that ALL of our politicians are far less than altruistic.

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Of those surveyed in a July CNN poll said they would blame Obama if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised. 51% would blame the Republicans.



All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter.

Edmund Burke, (1729-1797) Irish orator


noun.     1. a tract of swampy low-lying land.     2. a disordered or muddled situation or circumstance, one that impedes progress.

Used incorrectly in a sentence: Per D.C. mayors, no one paid for morass than Marion Barry.



The last time the national debt was reduced was in 1961 during JFK’s first year in office.

Damn, that and he supposedly showed his presidential staff to Marilyn Monroe. Not bad Jack, not bad.


The List

If the Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

The U.S. can’t pay 40-45% of its bills. Who is going to be cool with not getting paid?
The Treasury can’t borrow new money to make up for the gap in revenue and spending.
Financial markets both domestic and international impacted negatively.
The U.S. Government looks like hypocrites that preach compromise but can’t reach it.

The bottom line, friends, is that we have become a nation of sides. Sides that don’t listen, don’t think rationally, and don’t work together.  

If the NFL can figure it out, why in the hell can’t our politicians?

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