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August 31st, 2011


Like David Spade films, there are no good diseases. One of the most cruel and puzzling is Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a mind-erasing malady that makes a mélange of the sufferer’s emotions and leaves their loved ones heartbroken in its wake.

Former hard-drinking hit-maker Glen Campbell has recently been diagnosed with the disease, and at 75 has just released one of the finest albums of his career, Ghost on the Canvas

The Rhinestone Cowboy plans to keep playing dates on his Goodbye Tour for as long as he can strap on the guitar. Hats off to a man with the courage to face the unknown while possibly becoming a stranger to himself.

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Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. 3.4 million of those are women. By 2050, one American will develop AD every 33 seconds.



In Alzheimer's the mind dies first: names, dates, places — the interior scrapbook of an entire life — fade into mists of non-recognition.

Matt Clark, author


adj.     incurable.  

Used in a sentence: Alzheimer’s is immedicable and is the only cause of death among the top 10 in America that does not have a proven prevention, cure or way to slow its progression.



On top of scoring 12 gold and four platinum albums over his career, Campbell was nominated for an Academy Award for his title song in the original version of the film True Grit.

Not only did Campbell sing on the soundtrack, he co-starred with John Wayne in the film as La Boeuf.


The List

As Puzzling as it Is Brutal

One out of eight Americans 65 and over have Alzheimer’s.
Half of those over 85 suffer from AD.
Deaths from AD increased 66% between 2000 and 2008.
In 2010, 14.9M family members and friends provided care to AD and other dementia patients.
AD worsens over time and accounts for 50-80% of all dementia cases.

Alzheimer’s is a medical mystery hell bent on inflicting mind tricks and emotional thievery. Sadly and recently, Hall of Fame basketball coach Pat Summitt announced she had been diagnosed with the disease too.

No doubt you or someone you love has been affected by AD. Help defeat this deadly disease today.

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