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October 12th, 2011


We had such a ball playing hacky sack and dodging pepper spray at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) the other day that we nearly forgot to confirm the strike price on our call options with our broker.

Of course, the dreadlocked gal in the Ani DiFranco t-shirt handing out grilled gouda sandwiches didn’t seem to vibe on our jive, but hey, different strokes for different folks, right toots?

So do we support OWS? Of course. Why? Free speech rules and corporate greed sucks. Most importantly, we think we may have a shot with the blonde babe handcuffed to a street sign.

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Of American households pay income tax. This number has become the identifier for those against OWS, aka 53%ers. Those supporting OWS are called 99%'ers, as 1% of the country has the majority of the nation’s wealth.  




He who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year.

Leonardo Da Vinci

morning bell march

noun.     march that takes place at 9:30 AM when the trading bell opens on Wall Street each weekday.

This is a great time for protesters to stretch their limbs after a long night’s sleep on the sidewalk. Also, fun to take in any new poster art they may have missed the previous day.



OWS has been going on for approximately four weeks now. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he supports the protesters' right to gather and stay indefinitely as long as they obey the law.


The List

1, 2, 3, 4, What Some Are Marching For?

Guaranteed Living Wage/Regardless of Employment Sounds reasonable and nice in theory, but the whole "regardless of employment" thing is a little troublesome.
Immediate Debt Forgiveness for All Only if we can have a few days warning to max out our credit cards, go totally nuts in Vegas and get home mortgages on some beach front property.
Free College Great idea, right? Wrong, how can a school afford to pay its college athletes if no revenue is coming in? Those National Titles aren’t going to pay for themselves.
Open Borders Migration This is a little bonkers. How much would it suck to go down to Mexico and discover no one is there to whip up your margarita or sell you those inexpensive throws?
Bring American Elections up to International Standards You know, like Iraq in the “good” times.

The system is broken for thousands of reasons, but it is impossible to fix or find middle ground given greed, blind partisanship, lack of education and self-interest (including that of the protestors).

These are wild times, but guess what? They’ve always been. Read the history books. Good decisions have never been humanity’s strong suit, but a life of arguing about them, that’s America baby!

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