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February 21st, 2012


The same group of brilliant researchers that discovered getting off your ass and exercising is good for you have now delivered another jaw-dropping bombshell to the medical community…

Sitting for too long is bad for you! What? Wait, but how? Who? When did? What the?

Sorry to all hopeful Nobel candidates this year, but a discovery of this magnitude has no doubt locked up the prize for these fearless thinkers. Nice work, fellas! Who wants our pre-owned Barcalounger?

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Of the office workday involves sitting down. Wow, those desk jockeys are practically decathletes compared to long haul truckers, cab drivers, tennis line judges and Greg Oden.



Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffet

Perhaps, Buffman, but someone is also swinging from a tree after the bank foreclosed on his home.


adj.     lifestyle with little or no physical activity or exercise.

Used in a sentence: A sedentary lifestyle can cause impotence, decreased gaming skills and an inability to enjoy fried dough.

No wait, the sedentary lifestyle can only lead to diabetes, heart disease and premature death… whew.



In 1951, under Mao, Chinese workers would break to do daily group exercises led by a broadcast on Chinese radio. These radio sessions discontinued in 2007 to prepare for broadcasting the Beijing Olympics in 2008. They have since be reimplemented.


The List

All Day, Baby!

Fascia Sets Fascia is a pliable tissue that covers all muscles. While pliable, if stationary in one position for too long fascia can set and not fully stretch back out.
Posture Being bent over a computer or slumped in a chair can cause chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. It can also make you look like a douche.
Gluteal Amnesia Your ass muscles forget how to contract. Your gluteal muscles are the biggest muscle group in your body and help burn the most fat.
Lumbar Stress Weak glutes and tight hip flexors cause the pelvis to tilt forward. This puts stress on the lower spine.
Protruding Gut The pressure on your lower back combined with your tilted pelvis cause you to push your stomach forward, giving you a protruding gut whether you have one or not.

Unlike smoking, sitting at work is not something you can just quit. In fact, if you want to quit sitting at work, you basically have to quit your job.

Or do you?

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