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April 24th, 2012


While her proclivity to quaff down Activia yogurt no doubt makes her a “regular” gal, her ageless beauty, ferocious acting chops and Hollywood lineage suggest otherwise. This month’s Dame We Dig is none other than the source for all trouser tearing tumescence at the multiplex in the 1980s, Jamie Lee Curtis.  

Were it not for looking upon Jamie Lee’s lovely lunch trays in 1983’s Trading Places, we never would have won first place in our junior high arm wrestling tournament.

Married to the hilarious Christopher Guest, Jamie no doubt has a fantastic sense of humor, and she is one of the few old school actresses who has managed to not disfigure her face with plastic surgery. Gray hair be damned, Jamie Lee, you still have what it takes.

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Total worldwide gross of all of Jamie Lee Curtis’ films.

Beginning her film career with such horror classics at Terror TrainHalloween and The Fog, she went on to more revealing work in films like Grandview, USA and Perfect.



If I'm honest I don't think the world would miss me if I never acted again.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Perhaps, sister, but we’ll always have the classics. Curtis is now an occasional HuffPo blogger and children’s book author.


adj.     harmful, injurious.  

Used in a sentence: For decades there has been a deleterious and unproven rumor that Curtis was born a hermaphrodite.



Halloween (1978) was Jamie Lee’s first movie. Director John Carpenter hired her to play the lead, Laurie Strode, as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock, who cast Jamie Lee’s mom, Janet, for his classic film Psycho.


The List

Is She a He?

Reasons for Speculation We Say
She has an androgynous name. Weak. Fran Tarkenton, Carol O’Connor.
She and her husband have adopted children. Weak. Tons of people adopt for different reasons.
She has never spoken out against the rumor. Weak. Why dignify cruel rumors with an answer?
It is a possibility, it happens. Weak. No doctor is that good.

Jamie Lee Curtis is far more than just a former screen queen and hot actress.

She is a strong, self effacing, self aware woman who overcame her own struggles with substance abuse to help others in various charities while also being a mother, wife and writer. Kudos, Jamie, consider yourself dug.

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