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Race Card in the Cafeteria  -

September 13th, 2012


To some, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a lunch time staple. To a grade school principal in Oregon, a PB&J is racially and culturally offensive.   

We know what you’re thinking, “Holy sh*t balls!” This wacky broad has such a poor read on sandwiches she must have had to de-humidify her Hanes before she enjoyed her first six-inch Polish.

The Principal’s argument is this: What if a Somali student at her school doesn’t like sandwiches? Doesn’t offering a PB&J to that student subconsciously invoke “white privilege"? We say anything has got to be better than flies on porridge.   

Ms. Gutierrez’s argument seems to suggest if a white kid from the U.S. went to a school in Serbia and was served goulash, he should instead ask for a sandwich. That is not racist, it’s rude.

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World Record time (min/s) it took Justin Epps to make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Does anyone else find it peculiar that Justin didn’t attempt to make a Cuban sandwich or Italian sub?



There's nothing better than good sex. But bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex.

Billy Joel

Ironically, bad sex is better than most of Billy’s songs.



noun.     the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.



Per food historians, there is no record of PB&J sandwiches prior to the 1940s. Peanut butter replaced meat in WWII rations. It is believed the GIs mixed the jelly in the rations with the peanut butter to make it easier to swallow faster. After the war, PB&J sandwiches became popular in the U.S.


The List

More than Just a Sandwich

PB&J Shot Combine ¾ oz. Frangelico and ¾ oz. Chambourd (shake in shaker over ice, strain).
PB&J in a Jar Or what Smuckers calls Goober. Invented in 1968 by the JM Smucker Co.
PB&J Outreach Inc. A group of people in Detroit volunteering their time and services to homeless.
PB&J Pizza Oh sure! Cut the Italian heritage out of this classic dish!
PBJ Public blow job. Provided you are receiving, not offensive in any culture.

Racism is like politics. They both exist and too often differing sides say idiotic things to widen the gap as opposed to bridging it. That being said, long live the PB&J.

Hey, who wants a permanent brown paper insulted lunch bag?

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