TTP| Mister Doubt Fire?

January 28th, 2013


While there are numerous indignities one can suffer while being a security guard, accidentally blasting your dick off with an unregistered handgun has got to be a solid #1.

Some poor bastard from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago did just that last week after using his pants pocket as a makeshift holster for his .38. 

Authorities later added insult to his injury by charging him with illegal possession of a handgun and ammunition.   Does that suck?  Totally!  Does his girlfriend?  Not anymore.  



Of guns owned by civilians in Trinidad and Tobago are unregistered.  (Sound of Sharpie marking out T and T as a possible vacation spot.)


Beware of the man who denounces women writers; his penis is tiny and he cannot spell.

Erica Jong, feminist


penis sympathy

noun.     1. When a man sympathizes with the pain another man has felt on his dick. 


The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the Caribbean.  Trinidad and Tobago is listed in the top 40 of high income countries in the world.   

No matter your feelings on gun control.  Hopefully, we can all agree that the fewer idiots with guns, the better.  

Because even if only one dick gets saved from getting blown off, we have done our job.  

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