TTP| A Fond Farewell

April 19th, 2013


Dear Lovers, Haters, Fans & Friends -   

After three years it's time to flush the proverbial bowl here at TTP HQ.  Yes, we know, the Rolling Stones we ain't. 

While the initial goal three years ago was to generate revenue via advertising in our e-mails, we found the sheer joy of engaging with such a fun, wacky and diverse group of individuals superseded the futile pursuit of legal tender. (Well, that and few companies wanted to advertise with an e-mail newsletter that once discussed the precarious process of waxing a hirsute turd furnace.)

Anyhoo, as the cats in Wu-Tang Clan once said, "Cash rules everything." Chris is working on his follow-up to his first novel and Paul and Gregg are changing the world with a new venture in NYC.

Your support, positive or otherwise, has been invaluable.  Hopefully, you learned something interesting, laughed, or had your dander worked up enough to fly us the high middle or shoot us an angry e-mail.

Thank you so much for letting us play a role in your day.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be in your in-box and a total blast making new friends and inciting the occasional riot..

With sincere appreciation,

Chris and Gregg 



Current asking price of The Toilet Paper to web and computery people.  Call us back Billy G!  We were playing Angry Birds Star Wars when you rang.


"Are there any more beers in that mini-fridge before we try to take it back to SEARS?"

Chris Craig @ TTP


1) Thank you in Swahili.  2) See Armand.


TTP was mentioned on Fox & Friends, NY POST, Fox News, ABC Radio, Radar Online, Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard and numerous internet radio shows and blogs.  Our biggest highlight?  Being re-tweeted by Nina Hartley.


In all seriousness.  THANK YOU all again.  We had a ball.  



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