Novel ‘Lawn Darts of Fate’ soars

March 23rd, 2015


By the sweet mercy of the deity of your choosing it is finally spring!

Looking for a laugh out loud book that peers into the flawed id of mankind? Beautiful! TTP writer, Chris Craig's latest novel, Lawn Darts of Fate, is out and it's a ball-busting, laugh out loud page turner that peers into the flawed id of mankind.

What's it about? Gasping on the last fumes of his fleeting fame, a one hit wonder  is beginning to feel the hard lean of reality on his crumbling ego. Here's the trailer.

You say, "But I have a huge stack of things I need to read first. I don't have time for another book."  Bullshit! Does a fridge full of beer keep you from going out to a bar? 

Can man truly do anything he puts his mind to, or are we all merely dreamers desperately dodging the perilously sharp Lawn Darts of Fate?




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Chris Craig has delivered a modern-day classic that is as provocative as it is inspiring, as calamitous as it is hopeful and as laugh-out-loud hilarious as it is deep and esoteric. Steeped in page-by-page laughs, literally, Craig takes the reader on a rousing, decadent romp through his version of the American Dream.

reader, Scott J. Smith on

Tina Yothers

noun.     1. 80's child actress. 2. Strain of weed preferred by LDOF protagonist, Frank Felson. 

"Like the actress from Family Ties, it wasn’t the greatest strain, but it showed up to work on time, got the job done." –  Chapter 41 p. 139


Lawn Darts of Fate is currently being shopped in Hollywood and read by some of the biggest players in the industry.  How big? We haven't seen them in the shower, but they seem pretty talented saying words and stuff on screen.

The List

Lawn Darts of Fate 

Subject matter checklist No Yes
Mines the existential psyche of mankind   X
Deconstructs the metaphysical stew of love, loss and pride   X
Examines the fickle and futile fools errand of fame    X
Features church camp finger blasting and wheelchair sex   X
Best wrestling techniques to employ vs. butch lesbians   X

Look, there are a ton of entertainment options out there worthy of your attention, but fuck those guys!  

Buy Lawn Darts of Fate today. We promise you'll be thrilled you did. 

Thanks for your time!  Have a great spring break! 



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