10 Reasons Why Iron Maiden is the Most Kick-Ass Rock Band In The World

August 26th, 2010


10. Have a female tribute band The Iron Maidens. The lead singer’s stage name? Bruce Chickinson.

9. Draw on television, film, literature, mythology, history and mysticism for song, record and album ideas.

- Children of the Damned – Song based on the 1963 science fiction film of the same name that was a sequel of Village of the Damned. 
- The Prisoner – Inspired by the 1960’s television series, “The Prisoner.”
- The Wicker Man – Based on the cult film starring Christopher Lee.  Not the shitty remake with Nicholas “I’ll sign on to anything” Cage.
- Paschendale - A young soldier dies in trench warfare in WWI.
- Aces High – Song about a RAF fighter pilot battling the Germans in WWII with a prologue that uses a section of the speech Winston Churchill delivered to the House of Commons of the British Parliament  in 1940.
- Run to the Hills – Native American struggles in the early 19th century.

8. Are big buddies with former Wimbledon tennis champion, Pat Cash and thank him in many of the liner notes of their earlier albums.

7. Have their own soccer, sorry, football team.

6. Iron Maiden shoes by Vans.

5. Can get 60,000 strong to sing in unison.

4. Elaborate stage shows.

3. Forget touring bus, these dudes have their own Boeing 757 called the “Ed Force One” named after their mascot.

This aerial piece of bad assery is flown by none other than lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, a licensed airline pilot employed as a Captain by Astraeus, a charter airline.

 2. Lead singer, Bruce Dickinson. not only fences in international competitions, but also owns a fencing equipment company.

1.They have the greatest mascot (Eddie) featured on nearly every single release and album cover. Word up to artist Derek Riggs for the genius scribbles in the early years.

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