Virginia “Ding Dong” Bell

November 18th, 2010


From our 11/18 issue, Ring Our Bell.

This month’s Dame We Dig is former model, actress, and burlesque beauty, Virginia "Ding Dong" Bell.

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  • Philippe See

    Viva the Liberty Bell!!!!!!!!!!

  • tgoatdog


  • Dusty

    She can ring my bell! Hmmm…wasn’t that a song?

  • Texlenin

    Oh my. Natural redhead, I see. And one wonders why many of us think modern models are a bit toonskinny……..

  • Berman9696

    Oh My!!!!! Damn she’s sexy..

  • uclasny

    Oh my is right but how r u able 2 see/tell she is a “natural redhead” mate?

  • Leatherneck82

    Nice rack