Editorial Policy

The scholars and gentlemen at The Toilet Paper take great pride in our topic selection process. Our mornings consist of scouring the headlines of over 40 different newspapers and websites while enjoying a morning coffee.  While thousands of options exist, we only pick one to write about each day.  At no point during this process is a titanium suitcase exchanged with a gun pointed at our heads telling us what to write.  In other words, we do not accept money to cover a particular news story, nor do we accept gifts or back massages.

In order to fund the process of writing about the news, we do partner with sponsors occasionally to write about their product or service.  These instances will always be noted as “Sponsor Tag".  These emails, while paid for by our sponsor, will continue to provide you with knowledge, in the same format as our other emails, so you continue to "get smart." When considering advertising partners, we will always keep you in mind, and choose partners who we think our readers will appreciate and value.