Thinking About … Christmas Movies

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Thinking About … Christmas Movies

  • MaryL

    My favorite holiday movie is “The Ref” with Dennis Leary. It has some great lines. You’re husband ain’t dead, lady, he’s hiding. Mary, gag your grandmother. Slipper socks, hah! Great, I’ve kidnapped my parents. Asked about untieing her inlaws, Caroline says: Let’s wait for morning. It’s more festive that way. And let’s not forget Santa taking a steamy leak in the snow. There’s very little treacle in The Ref.

  • Chris@TTP

    Great movie Mary! Had Dennis Leary not ripped off Bill Hicks entire stand-up act we’d like it more.

  • Jbeezz

    In a Christmas Story…. Fra geel e. It must be from Italy!

  • Anonymous

    How did “Santa Clause Conquers the Martians” not even warrant a mention? Not that the movie is good, but it is bad enough to be good… Funky makeup, cheesy special effects and the over the top soundtrack. I would call it a good Christmas movie for a B-movie buff.