Thinking About … Dive Bars

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Thinking About … Dive Bars


What else are we thinking about?

  • DPB

    Minneapolis and St. Paul are great dive bar towns.

  • Teddy@TTP

    Check this out — those cities fall into the “beer belly of America”

  • jeff

    awsome…fart, puke, fall down…then order another. Toothless babes that love you (after a few) no matter how you smell. Serious casual no doubt

  • Kendotek

    Nothing like a good ol' local dive. If you're ever in Mira Loma, CA you gotta check out the Horseshoe Lounge. If you get hungry, they got a burger and a pizza joint next door, when you're wanting more than popcorn, jerky or pork rinds. They even have a hitchin' post outside for yer steed. The parking is truck friendly. Oh, and its the only bar around here that doesn't have a meth-head reputation.

  • Oge1

    I love dive bars. I've worked in a couple. They're where the “real people” hang out.

  • Bmccullars

    Top Fav Dives
    1. Ed And Jean's Chicago, IL – best apple pie shots ever!!!
    2. Goldstar Chicago, IL – Awesome Jukebox – James Brown and The Cramps!
    3. The Hideout Chicago, Il – good place to see some obscure bands
    4. The Chipp Inn Chicago,Il – Go for Kareoke NIght!

  • Hansmoerdijk

    Hank Williams I, II and III + George Jones are required listening in any bar at any time.