George Costanza once said, “I got news for you - if it wasn’t for the toilet, there would be no books.”  Does that mean we can thank the toilet for breakthroughs in digitized text? Thanks to Jeff Bezos, we can now consolidate our libraries in the loo.  For a shot to win an Amazon Kindle, sign up for The Toilet Paper - your daily witty one sheet to inform, entertain and enlighten you during your moments of solitude.  PROMO CLOSED ON 6/30.

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Our Latest Issues:

Laugh and love Lawn Darts of Fate
By the sweet mercy of the deity of your choosing it is finally spring! Looking for a laugh out loud book that peers into the flawed id of mankind? Beautiful! TTP writer, Chris Craig's latest...
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Three Hit Wonder (Rolét)
Whether you’re puffing on a little medicinal for your arthritis or enjoying your favorite strain of cannabis flavored tobacco, discretion and style are key.    One of TTP’s dear...
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